Room diver


room divider, also known as an office screen, could be used in any desired space. You divide spaces flexibly with this wall, made out of aluminum. The aluminum frame could be provided with a textile print on both sides. This divider creates atmosphere and better acoustics.

The roomdividers provide more privacy in the workplace. The wall is available in any desired format. The wall ensures that employees are less distracted by disturbing ambient sounds. This allows them to focus better on their own work.


Divide a large space into small spaces? This could be done with a textile print with our double-sided textile frame. You create an extra space quickly and easily. Sometimes it is useful to divide a space into functional areas, such as at a concert hall or library. For example, a large room should be divided into a meeting and restaurant section. Then this divider is the perfect solution. The print that mostly is used in the hospitality industry is a print with food and drinks.


In addition to more privacy at work, the roomdivider could also be used at various trade fairs or events such as signage, press wall or mobile wall. Our textile frames are easy to assemble and move.