EverUse is made of natural cellulose fibres and is Cradle-to-Cradle certified. The material is available in 20 mm and 40 mm thicknesses. Improve acoustics and reduce echoes in any environment with EverUse.
100 percent sustainable acoustic material
Made from used paper and cardboard
Very high absorption value
Cradle-to-Cradle certificate
Also works as an insulator

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High absorption value

In terms of sound absorption, EverUse often scores better than other acoustic materials at lower frequencies. The sound absorption is very high, even when applying the least thick material. The acoustic material improves the acoustics in, for example, restaurants, reception areas, meeting rooms and offices. The material has a B2 fire rating and also has an insulating effect.

100 percent sustainable acoustic material

EverUse is a 100 percent circular insulating panel made from natural cellulose waste streams from paper and cardboard. EverUse is designed so that the material can be reused in its entirety. These durable properties make the material amongst others extremely suitable for use in healthy and sustainable buildings, among other things.

EverUse properties

The material is available in 20 and 40 mm thickness, with a 122 x 67 cm panel dimension. Several panels can be combined in a frame. The material is easy to install in the frame. If desired, the material can be attached to the wall using wood glue.

Available as a customised item or per pallet

EverUse is available in customised sizes, but you can also order a complete pallet in standard sizes. This allows the material to be delivered at an extra low cost. With a thickness of 20 mm, a pallet contains 160 boards of 122 x 67 cm, and with a thickness of 40 mm, it has 80 boards.

Item number FK-8933 (20 mm) and FK-8934 (40 mm)
Suitable profiles Slim 25, Heavy 26 45°, Heavy 27, Single 50, Cabinet 30, Decor 27 XL 45, Double 44, Double 49, Double 50, Double 80 and Double 100
Application Sound absorbing and behind textile cloth
Acoustic material A 100 percent sustainable isolation material made from natural cellulose, waste streams from paper and cardboard.
Thickness material 20 mm and 40 mm
Recyclable Yes
Fire class B2
Maximum plate size 122 x 67 cm
Pallet purchase 20 mm = 160 boards and 40 mm = 80 boards
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20 mm (FK-8933)
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40 mm (FK-8934)
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