A transparent PVC fabric for aluminium frames. Arrange your working environment in a way that creates a safe distance. Various configurations are possible, customisable to your specific situation.
Transparent PVC fabric made to measure
For a safe working and/or learning environment
Can also be used after 1.5-metre social distancing has been phased out
Available with B1 certification

Available from stock
Hoofdafbeelding PVC

Assemble frame

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A high quality and sustainable solution

No self-made constructions, but a high quality and professional solution for safe 1.5-metre social distancing between customers and/or employees. Once the partitions are no longer needed, you can reuse the frames for other printed fabrics or acoustic material applications. It is durable!

Possibilities for the office and in buildings

The partitions create safe workplaces for employees in the office. Various configurations are possible, customisable to your specific situation. The transparent partitions can also be used for instance separate walking routes, for example. This creates structure and clarity clarity for your customers.

PVC basic and PVC premium

PVC premium has a B1 certification, making it suitable for use in public areas. PVC basic does not have a fire certificate. Both versions can be ordered made-to-measure.

Item number FK-9014 (Basic) and FK-9020 (Premium)
Colours Transparent
Material PVC
Fire class PVC premium
Article numbers
Basic (FK-9014)
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Premium (FK-9020)
€ 0,00 In stock