Our LED drivers are made specially to support our LED frames. The power supply has a constant output of 24 volts with an IP value of IP20 (splash-proof). The drivers are very compact, light and small in size. The driver is available with a wattage of 30, 60, 75, 100 or 200 Watt. The power supplies are dimmable using our dimmers and repeater(s). The drivers come with a 2-year warranty.
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Automatic protection

The automatic protection in the drivers ensures that the power supply is cut off, if necessary. For example, if the temperature is too high, an open circuit or a circuit that is too short. The power will restart automatically after the problem has been fixed.

Attach with 3M tape

The driver is delivered with 3M VHB™ tape so that you can attach it to any surface. This tape is extremely strong; you will not have to use screws.

Per piece or in bulk

A driver can be delivered as a one-off, with or without a cable. In addition, our drivers can also be ordered in bulk, with or without a cable.