Modular Carre frame

The great advantage of our modular Carre profile is the fact that you can reuse the same textile frame for any size exhibition stand.

Whether you need a small stand for an event or a larger set-up for a busy trade fair, our modular Carre frame is the best solution. The possibility of dividing the frame means you can easily add or remove sections to create the perfect dimensions. With our useful extension set, the different parts of the textile frame can be linked together effortlessly. This means you don't have to buy a new textile frame each time, saving you a lot of costs in the long run.

For an unlit frame, you can use the Carre 44 profile in combination with the Double 44 profile or the Carre 80 profile in combination with the Double 80 profile. If you are looking for an illuminated 3D frame, the Carre 160 profile, in combination with the Lightbox Double 160, is a perfect choice. 

Save costs and keep using the same textile frame with our modular Carre frames!

Hoofdafbeelding Modular Carre frame